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Accounting services in Turkey — FCHAIN

Accounting & payroll services in Turkey

Turkey plays an increasing role in world trade. Today, the country receives significant investments in industry, tourism, automobile production, and other demanded industries due to constantly growing exports of goods and services. As a result, companies operating in its territory need high-quality accounting & payroll services in Turkey.

Our consulting company offers you the best accounting and bookkeeping. We have highly qualified, sufficiently experienced lawyers and accountants who are well versed in the norms of Turkish legislation. By ordering accounting consultancy at our company, you will get professional support according to your needs and peculiarities of your business.

Using Bookkeeping services

Such services play an important role in the accounting of a commercial organization, ensuring the permanent registration of invoices and other documentation. In addition, accounting and bookkeeping includes the preparation of financial statements and control over their accuracy.

The main documents used in this type of bookkeeping include:

  • statements of purchase and sale;
  • orders;
  • invoices;
  • VAT declarations;
  • contracts.

You can safely entrust any issues related to the registration of a legal entity, accounting and bookkeeping in Turkey to the specialists of our company.

Payroll outsourcing in Turkey

No organization can do without payroll accounting. The payroll fund is created immediately after the registration of the company, because its management can also be classified as employees. Our accounting firm provides this personnel accounting service to business owners on the most favorable terms.  

The company must be registered at the tax authorities, the pension fund, the state organizations dealing with social and health protection to be able to accrue salaries. In addition, according to the norms of Turkish law, it must have registered labor agreements with employees.   

The salary calculation also includes preparing and submitting monthly payrolls and other documentation related to employment, accounting consultancy and transfer of salaries to employees, calculating taxes, processing vacations, etc. Our accounting firm‘s consultants can give you more information about the HR accounting services we offer. 

Accounting services Istanbul we offer

Our accounting consultants in Istanbul can help you with the issues related to the preparation of financial documentation for tax reports.  

The specialists will provide you with the following accounting and bookkeeping services: 

  • salary accrual:
  • registration at the tax authorities;
  • preparation of annual tax returns; 
  • consolidation of financial accounts;
  • filing of tax returns;
  • debt control and risk analysis.

You can also use our services if you require an EORI code for dealing with business partners in EU countries or if you need an accounting consultancy of qualified specialists. 

VAT & Sales Tax for Turkish companies

Citizens and investors from other countries who come to Turkey are full participants in taxation. Therefore, the first necessary procedure after registering a new Turkish company is to register it as a taxpayer. Organizations are free to register to contribute to VAT. The work of our specialists in Turkey guarantees foreign investors professional assistance according to the established legal regulations in the country.          

More and more Turkish and foreign business owners are interested in reducing the tax burden on their company. The specialists of our accounting firm can inform you about the most effective ways to reduce the tax sums. They include: 

  • early repayment of loans;
  • charity;
  • benefits for the refinancing of profits.

If you want more information about accounting services in Istanbul, as well as ways to reduce the cost of paying taxes, you should definitely contact our accounting specialists. They can provide you with a concrete plan for optimizing the taxation of your company.

Accounting Recovery Services

This service by the team of accountants in Turkey represents the preparation of documentation about the company’s work in the past periods. This includes creation of primary materials and filing of corrective reports. The procedure will be necessary in cases of :

  • poor bookkeeping; 
  • loss of some documents;
  • erroneous information in documents; 
  • blocked financial accounts;
  • if your company did not do accounting or if there were omissions in accounting.

Specialists of accounting firm provide quality services for the restoration of accounting. We will arrange all necessary documents in a proper form, restore lost information, as well as conduct a comprehensive work on the normalization of accounting at your enterprise. 

Accounting and administrative support for companies from Turkey

Our Turkish specialists offer outsourcing accounting services in accordance with the wishes of business owners. Along with basic service options, we offer our clients a number of additional services, which are not related to the main sections of accounting. These include:  

  • assistance in the creation of financial statements required by special requests;
  • performing external and internal audits;
  • research and analysis of business management practices;
  • cost optimization and much more.

If you would like to get acquainted with the list of our accounting consultancy services in details, do not hesitate to contact our representatives to clarify the details of cooperation. 

Audit and consulting on beneficial terms

The audit services are mandatory for some Turkish companies. Our highly qualified accountants help these organizations to pass the necessary audits. The audit is compulsory in Turkey if: 

  • it is necessary to analyze the financial documentation of the company for the last 2 years;
  • the total annual amount of assets is greater than or equal to 35 million Turkish liras; 
  • the company’s sales for the year are not less than 70 million Turkish liras; 
  • the organization has at least 175 employees.    

Your company must meet at least two of the above-mentioned criteria for a mandatory audit in Turkey. 


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