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Recruitment services in Turkey - FCHAIN

Recruitment services in Turkey

Turkey’s economic development has stimulated the emergence of new companies in various fields of activity. In turn, firms need to take vacancies with highly qualified employees who will work and provide their labor for further development and prosperity of business.

The professional recruitment team of our company will help your enterprise to find staff to carry out critical tasks. Our specialists have excellent recruitment experience, so you will not have to go to an employment agency for personnel selection. Recruitment services in Turkey from our company are always prompt and of high quality.

Recruitment services: why are they important?

Recruitment is a specific process that includes procedures for identifying, attracting, selecting, and hiring promising candidates for vacancies in a company. This process depends on the following factors:

company size;
the industry in which the firm operates;
the growth rate of the business;
availability of vacancies;
type of employment;
material component;
working conditions.

With thorough recruitment services, it is possible to attract new employees to the company and motivate them to take actions that will benefit the company. That is why our clients trust our team in the recruitment services of talents who will be loyal to the company and help it become a leader in its industry.

Recruitment services: stages

The recruitment process is complex. It consists of several critical stages that our recruiters focus on:

Understanding the company’s needs. A list of specialties that are vital to the firm is compiled.
Writing a job description. It is a part of the effective hiring strategy. After identifying the company’s needs, the range of duties and the area of responsibility to which the selected recruitment job will correspond are determined.
Drawing up a recruitment plan. Employees who will review resumes, invite to an interview and select the right candidate are identified.
Search. Our recruiters have an extensive database of employees, which is constantly expanding. Thanks to it, the companies that apply for recruitment always get qualified employees.
Candidate selection. Applicants with strong resumes and good work experience always have plenty of backup options, so it is worth interviewing with them first.
Provide a job offer. If the interview results show that the candidate is suitable, nothing will prevent him from being offered a job at a particular company.

Our company’s recruitment services aim to offer our client companies suitable candidates for vacancies, who can ensure stable growth and development of the company.

Outsourcing recruitment services: advantages

Outsourcing recruitment services have recently become popular. It does not mean that you have to go to an employment agency. It’s enough to use the services of our team that will provide high-quality recruitment services.

Outsourcing recruitment services are more effective than classic recruitment because they speed up the delivery of products, work, and services. We also guarantee you improved personnel management. Other advantages of outsourcing recruitment services include the following:

minimizing the administrative work associated with personnel record keeping;
reduction of legal and labor risks related to personnel;
cost optimization;
the attraction of specialists for project work;
prevention of downtime, as a replacement for an absent employee, is provided in any case.

If your company needs qualified personnel, you can order recruitment services from our company. Our employees know how to develop business in Turkey and are ready to offer their assistance in selecting professional staff, which will ensure the development and prosperity of your company for a long period.


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